The Same Old Devils

November 1st-21st, 2018

Sure Space is proud to present our first exhibition by Ray Geary, The Same Old Devils.

An interactive exhibition featuring two shows in one exhibition. The artworks presented will be viewed in natural and overhead gallery lighting during the day and by night the space is activated by black light to feature a new color scheme and aesthetic. The dual exhibition is a direct reference to the dual parts of an individual. The balance of the physical and mental. The physical being represented in the exhibition by resin cast sculptures displaying different vices we lustfully desire. The mental being represented by colorful resin-pour paintings signifying our non-structured mind to show our inherent truths from our inherent vices. It's not a decision of what's wrong or right it's about how we digest and interpret it. Geary’s pour paintings embody the true method to the madness. A simplistic design rooted in methodical theory and delivery. The texturized works are poured with pigments mixed with resin to create an electrifying color palette and medium. The pigmented resin moves and grooves to where it sees fit and seal like candy for a playful discovery. The sculptures presented are classic mementos of vices embodying a James Bond Casino Royale feel matched with a modern adaptation. Sculptures include dice games, prescription pills mosaically placed to create a Playboy bunny, Rolex watch among other wicked habits.

Ray Geary, 1983 lives in Montreal, Canada and works in Upstate New York. Geary has been featured at Scope NYC and Miami, Helium Cowboy in Hamburg, Shizaru Gallery in London. His first solo exhibition in September was at Banks Boys Gallery in NYC. His work is for sale at The Guggenheim
Museum Shop, The Whitney Museum Shop and The New Museum Shop.